[Taxacom] Publication dates of the Transactions of the American Philosophical Society

Neal Evenhuis neale at bishopmuseum.org
Thu Aug 20 05:23:12 CDT 2020

You might get something from Meisel who gave dates from 1771-1869
Meisel, M., 1926, A bibliography of American natural history 2: 8–9

Pam Gilbert also did dating, but only for 1869
Gilbert, P. 1971. Copeia 1971: 471-474.



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    Dear Taxacomers,
    I am looking for papers on the publication dates of the Transactions of the
    American Philosophical Society (volumes, parts in volumes, signatures in
    parts). Right now I am dealing with the Transactions' new series, volume
    13, part 2. I checked BHL's copy of volume 13. Near the end, the former
    title pages of parts 1 and 3 are preserved, but not the title page of part
    2. See: https://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/page/36394006
    I started a running list on papers dating Myriapoda publications. It is
    still short but maybe already useful to some of you. See:
    Carlos A. Martínez Muñoz
    Zoological Museum, Biodiversity Unit
    FI-20014 University of Turku
    Myriatrix <http://myriatrix.myspecies.info/>
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