[Taxacom] mailing specimens USA

John Grehan calabar.john at gmail.com
Thu Aug 20 20:12:22 CDT 2020

I hope no one had any problems yet with mailing specimens to, from or
within the US, but right now I am glad I have nothing in transit or I might
have even less hair on my head. About three weeks ago I received a specimen
package that was supposed to take 3 days but took 10 days. In that case it
might have been due to reduced flights resulting from COVID, but
another package for which I was stupid enough to pay extra for  a three day
delivery took 7 days. About a week ago another package sent to the same
address without paying extra actually turned up on time. But now from what
I read in the news, there is utter chaos in some mailing centers. Never
imagined that 'improved' operations could look like something out of 1984.
It' is reassuring to know that it is impossible for this degradation to be
deliberate policy even if it looks like it. I get nervous enough in normal
times every time a package is sent out, but now I would probably be living
on antacids.

John Grehan

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