[Taxacom] Information Requested, particularly Australia

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Fri Aug 21 15:10:19 CDT 2020

Subject:Information Requested, particularly Australia

Date:Thur-21Aug-20sent 15:10 CDT local

From:rferry at miosjournal.org

To:Taxacom <mailto:tjremhof at southtexascollege.edu>@mailman.nhm.ku.edu

To Anybody who might be able to help:

In the relatively recent past, I had an email that had a Continental 
Drift application in it. It had been done by a group of two (maybe 
three?) geniuses in Australia and with it one could show the movement of 
the plates from about Gondwanaland to present (with no cookies or other 
garbage). Sadly, my computer guru was doing some changes from System 7 
to System 10 with my computer and I lost it. I would greatly appreciate 
hearing from anybody in Australia (or elsewhere) who might have 
information relative to this computer tool.

My work is with the orchid family and this application was simple, well 
done, and a joy to work with and I really feel its loss. I would greatly 
appreciate communication(s) from knowledgeable individuals directly via 
my email address.

Regards, Bob Ferry

editor, the MIOS Journal

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