[Taxacom] Filling the world with biodiversity data errors

Stephen Thorpe stephen_thorpe at yahoo.co.nz
Thu Dec 3 21:26:45 CST 2020

Hi Donat and Taxacom,The attempt to automate data harvesting, without human scrutiny, continues to fill the world with biodiversity data errors. Specifically, on zenodo, for Zenascus luniger, if you click on 'specimens', you get trash: http://tb.plazi.org/GgServer/html/03A48794FFF8FFC66F8549E97070F8F1
It is garbage for the following reasons: (1) The species is endemic to N.Z., but the 4 specimens recorded are 2 from Iceland and the other 2 unknown, leaving Iceland as the only location on the map!(2) Of the 4 specimens, 2 are supposedly lectotypes (no, there is no synonymy)!(3) The treatment upon which this data is based only mentions 2 specimens (lectotype and paralectotype), both from New Zealand.I'm not sure how widespread such problems are on zenodo, but there seems to be little reason to think that this is a rare case, is there?Cheers, Stephen

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