[Taxacom] Forcing ORCID on researchers

Carlos Alberto Martínez Muñoz biotemail at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 09:29:09 CST 2020

Actually, Scratchpads do not require ORCID to log in and they are able to
link specimens to both collectors and "determiners". Part of what you
redeveloped as Bionomia was already part of Scratchpads' concept. Maybe it
would be productive to everyone that Bionomia and Scratchpads join efforts.
That would eliminate Bionomia's infrastructure costs and maybe improve the
Scratchpads' people and specimens modules.

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El lun, 7 dic 2020 a las 17:18, Shorthouse, David (<
davidpshorthouse at gmail.com>) escribió:

> > Dear David,
> > There is no claim of corruption here. There is a claim on founding
> design and expectations of profit that worked really well.
> > Nice to hear from you. If I remember correctly, what I call "forceful
> ORCID adoption" you call "aggressive ORCID integration". I am glad to see
> that Bionomia Github issue #15 is still open and that you are still
> considering other ways to log in and contribute to Bionomia.
> Still looking & I expect I will be for a long, long time... As Wouter
> expressed earlier, infrastructure has costs.
> David

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