[Taxacom] Forcing ORCID on researchers

Tim Dickinson tim.dickinson at utoronto.ca
Tue Dec 8 08:04:44 CST 2020

Some comments on this thread.

The quoted text below relates to my recent experience with Publons. I 
guess Clarivate is no better than anyone else in being able to avoid 
creating duplicate "unique" identifiers. I hope that ORCIDid can do better.

> I recently logged onto WoS in order to do a citation search. Out of 
> curiosity I checked my name, and noticed that my ResearcherID is the 
> same as that shown below:
... this person's name and affiliation, last name same as mine, first 
initial same as mine, but a high flyer in a field totally unrelated to mine.
> I would be grateful if you would sort this out, since the whole 
> purpose of the excercise was to provide unique identifiers!
in response to this, after quite some time, I received the following:

> If you are able to let me know of any other email addresses or names 
> you may use that could have been used to create a duplicate, */I can 
> confirm your ownership of any duplicates and merge them to resolve 
> this issue/*.

As far as having and using an ORCIDid is concerned, I don't have a 
problem with this, for all the reasons mentioned already by people like 
Richard, Rod, and Tony. Among all the assaults on our honor, dignity, 
and independence going around these days, having and using an ORCIDid 
barely registers.

Finally, how is it that so many smart people out there are unable to 
trim off the verbiage below their response? If you get the Taxacom 
digest you'll see what a bore it is to scroll past the same messages 
strung out forever. much more of an assault on good sense than having an 

Cheers, ---tad.

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