[Taxacom] Forcing ORCID on researchers

Tony Rees tonyrees49 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 11:59:23 CST 2020

RE using wikidata to store person IDs and (preferably) publication IDs (for
journal articles etc.), Rod Page wrote:

>  Yes, the scale of the task is daunting, but it’s not our problem as
such. If Wikidata continues to grow and have value to all the people and
projects involved, then I’m guessing scale issues will be dealt with.

I guess I was not really thinking about the technical limitations of
storing all the required content - as you say, one can designate that to
the system designers; more the scale of the task of collecting, entering,
checking, and maintaining all the required content - the social and manual
effort aspects if you like - without a clear driver except to be "better
than Google Scholar" and "more acceptable than OrcID" (to current potential
adopters); of course having IDs for deceased persons would indeed be an
improvement as per the discussion above, for taxonomy persons (Google
scholar does not do this either, unless I am mistaken). In any case,
mobilising and coordinating / checking the required effort is the
bottleneck that I see, similar to (but larger than) e.g. expecting to be
able to derive a comprehensive Catalogue of Life from Wikispecies - the
intent is there in that project (and the concept can hold it) but the
effort to create it is too large via that method, relying only on a
dedicated but small and voluntary collection of contributors.

- Tony

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