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With regard to the indigenous names, one serious issue is that they are, in many cases, nature-philosophically sound. Actually, as Chuang Tzu said, a thing becomes what it is when named/called. According to Plato, a thing and its name are the same, as far as express the same eidos. From this, Tournefort’s idea of by giving true names to God's creatures echoed subsequently by Linne with his “proper names”. Such a mysterious attitude to the “true names” is evidently expressed, in many indigenous tribes, in a prohibition to use the names given to people at their born in everyday life, which to be replace by respective “nick names” (the “vulgar names” of Linne are analogies of the latter).
Understanding of this seems to yield quite different accent in consideration of an aspiration of people to “get back to roots” that agrees fundamentally with Confucius’ call to “restore the true names”.
However, this attitude contradicts fundamentally to the leading principle of contemporary taxonomic nomenclature “a name is just a name” set by Adanson.
All this, of course, a “philosophy”, but is helps sometime to see “the other side of the Moon”
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