[Taxacom] The Gillman & Wright proposal revisited

Mike Sadka mike.sadka at nhm.ac.uk
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Perhaps this issue might be mitigated by acknowledging past attitudes (which are, probably rightly, seen as somewhat colonial or imperialist), pointing out how disruptive wholesale name changes would be (including potentially making it harder to document and protect the species that have meaning for indigenous peoples), and encouraging taxonomists to make every effort to use indigenous organism or person names as epithets in future?

One would hope that would appease all but the most aggressive of revisionists.

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> What actual difference would this proposal make, other than having 
> taxonomists waste time on unnecessary name changes? Who is really 
> driving such agendas and what are they really trying to achieve and for whom?

The problem for taxonomy is that this proposal is just the sort of thing to appeal to bureaucrats and administration - giving themselves the appearance of caring about a current hot issue by making more work for someone else.

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