[Taxacom] Forcing ORCID on researchers

John Grehan calabar.john at gmail.com
Sat Dec 12 09:03:39 CST 2020

Of course Mike can speak for himself, but the implication I also saw was
how money was available for this bureaucratic exercise while finding
continues to dry up for basic taxonomic work, including collecting. And
what is 'free' today can become charged tomorrow - never say never. I have
seen cases of free items being converted this way, or in some cases a
degraded form becomes free while the best version is behind a paywall. Of
course nothing in life is really free,just depends how the costs are
distributed. Even though the earnings of ORCHID are quite small, the funds
still would cover a few basic taxonomy positions.  I still see the
ORCID requirement as more of an annoyance than anything really
beneficial to my efforts. How that translates to researchers in general may
be different.

John Grehan

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> On Wed, 9 Dec 2020 at 06:29, Michael Heads via Taxacom
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> > Spending millions of dollars a year on something that wasn't actually a
> > problem for researchers, only for managers trying to track down the
> h-index
> > for all the thousands of job applicants....
> Author-identity disambiguation may not be an issue for you; but it is
> a problem for many authors, an ORCID goes a long way to remediating
> that, for them.
> >Meanwhile, botanical collecting has basically stopped in New Zealand. . .
> This has what to do with ORCID?
> > Why do they have to have their logo, *in colour,* right next to your name
> > on the title page?
> They don't. Such a decision is made by the publisher, not ORCID.
> > soon you'll have to pay an annual fee for the wretched thing.
> This will never happen.
> [Disclosure: I act pro bono as Wikimedian in Residence at ORCID: I do
> not speak for them]
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