[Taxacom] Forcing ORCID on researchers

Carlos Alberto Martínez Muñoz biotemail at gmail.com
Sun Dec 13 17:52:10 CST 2020

Dear Andy,
As you addressed me directly, I will address you directly as well.

"Poppycock." "It's FUD."
I can also use pejorative nouns and unexplained abbreviations in my mother
tongue. Just ask for them. It will be my pleasure.

"Your comment is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of how ORCID is
You seem to know better than anyone else. Please, enlighten us about how
ORCID is constituted today and how that prevents what it might become in
the future. Because it is clear that corporate reorganization has been

"Furthermore, the data - and especially the identifiers - are open-data, so
if someone did try that, anyone could fork a free alternative."
The whole thing is about generating unique identifiers, not exactly about
having or not access to a file of existing identifiers.

"anyone could fork a free alternative."
You are "anyone". And either your claim is a far-flung pig or you can
really fork and make a copy of the software to work effortlessly and
inexpensively. If you can match your claim, then there is no need to wait
for what might happen with ORCID in the future. Please, land that flying
pig and make BaconIDs for all of us who want free alternatives. But you
can't, isn't it? Because this is not about having a unique identifier, this
is about having THE ONE unique identifier. This is about branding, which is
what ORCID is right now, a brand.
Nevertheless, you are welcome to prove me wrong. Give me a BaconID and I
will use it for my next manuscript submission. The journals will accept it
as equivalent to ORCID, right? What? No? So, are you telling me that if THE
ONE unique identifier indeed becomes paywalled, there will be a lag time
and implementation problems of alternatives? Are you telling me that if THE
ONE unique identifier indeed becomes paywalled, that will allow a
corporation without competitors to make unfair profits? Forceful adoption
needs to go AND alternative identifiers need to exist and be in use to
prevent unpleasant situations in the future.
One order of BaconID, please.

Carlos A. Martínez Muñoz
Zoological Museum, Biodiversity Unit
FI-20014 University of Turku
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