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On 12/18/20 9:25 AM, John Grehan via Taxacom wrote:
> I do wonder about that assertion of taxa not being natural phenomena.

At the risk of dragging this out, allow me to very briefly draw an 
analogy which might be helpful:

Photons are a "taxon" of elementary particle, yet despite being asserted 
to be particles, a photon can act either as a particle or as a wave. All 
that means is that our ability to categorize is artificial, and 
artificially constrained. A "natural" classification/description for 
elementary particles eludes us, as does a "natural" description of 
species. The definitions have fuzziness to them. That doesn't mean that 
our classifications and descriptions have NO heuristic value; we just 
need to acknowledge their limitations - e.g., Rich's "scare quotes".   ;-)


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