[Taxacom] Founder effect in Covid-19 evolution (and infectivity)

Adam Cotton adamcot at cscoms.com
Sun Dec 20 13:46:06 CST 2020

On 21-12-2020 02:31, Kenneth Kinman via Taxacom wrote:
> Hi All,
>          With the new genetic variant of coronavirus rapidly spreading 
> in England, I am wondering if the founder effect is a factor.  If such 
> a new genetic variant is more contagious (as this is one said to be), 
> would it be expected to rapidly replace the original strain in England 
> and thus accelerate the spread?
>         I can't help but wonder if such variants are part of the 
> reason that Europe and the United States have had a lot more trouble 
> with covid-19 than China and other East Asian countries.  Question:  
> Does the original (less contagious) version of this coronavirus still 
> predominate in eastern Asia?
>                     -------------Ken Kinman

No, the European strain was spread back to Asia by returnees bringing it 
with them and has displaced the original strain here too.


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