[Taxacom] Another transatlantic rafting primate named this year

John Grehan calabar.john at gmail.com
Mon Dec 21 09:58:19 CST 2020

*"regardless of the nesting of the phylogenies, isn't the greater number of
instances of inferred 'rafting' from Africa to South America vs the other
direction evidence that dispersal did occur,"

Really Fred - this is bizarre - or at least it seems to me it is, You are
saying that something is evidence if enough people say it is so. We have
something like that in the US political scene where one politician said
that his rallies were so large that he MUST have one the election. Lots and
lots of people think the election was rigged. But one would think that
science is about the evidence, not about how many people believe in

I've seen the 'rare events' adding up arguments for decades now. Trouble is
that the 'rare event' is imagined, not a reality. But many biogeographers
seem to take the view that what I imagine happened is what happened.

John Grehan

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