[Taxacom] Another transatlantic rafting primate named this year

John Grehan calabar.john at gmail.com
Mon Dec 21 13:26:35 CST 2020

Hi Fred – see below:

“I can't see where I invoked "something is evidence if enough people say it
is so,"

Your words were: “isn't the greater number of instances of inferred
'rafting' from Africa to South America vs the other direction evidence that
dispersal did occur?” - this 'greater number of instances is really just a
greater number of claims to that effect.

“I was just suggesting that rafting depends on winds and currents, and that
if (just basing this in the instances brought up in this thread) the
rafting hypothesis was spurious, there'd be as many

eastbound as westbound events.”

.Or no events -  that are pertinent to the origins of intercontinental taxa

“The vicariance idea that adjacent biotas don't tend to mingle is a useful
null hypothesis, but null hypotheses are sometimes falsified.”

Didn't know that was a vicariance idea. First I have heard that.

“And there is the expression "What about Canada, eh?" - our biota is all
postglacial dispersants, and while there are instructive differences
between the character of the biotas on deglaciated and unglaciated
territory, we do have quite a few species.”

What's your point with regard to the origin of allopatry?


John Grehan

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