[Taxacom] Molecular evidence (in 2017) supports my 2014 theory about rafting killifish

John Grehan calabar.john at gmail.com
Sun Dec 27 17:01:46 CST 2020

Ken said "By the way, I was reading a published reply to Heads, 2011 (in
which he repeatedly accused his opponents of transmogrification)."

That is not quite true. The way that Ken presents this it sounds like it is
an unsubstantiated accusation, that Heads is just making up accusations,
sort of like a certain president we all know. But it is substantiated.
Heads does show that there is no scientific connection between a fossil
with a minimum age and the invocation of a molecular divergence estimate
that is actual/maximum.  That most molecular norfolk create a maximum out
of a minimum without any scientific basis is a fact. No one has
demonstrated otherwise. And certainly not on TAXACOM. And that is why
claims in molecular papers that present divergence estimates as
falsification of earlier origin is twaddle.

Cheers, John Grehan

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