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Hi John,

I'm not sure what may be possible, but I'm doing some work for Catalogue of Life and GBIF to develop a community to integrate the best available family-rank checklists and other resources to construct and maintain a checklist of world Lepidoptera to replace LepIndex (which is mostly just a nomenclatural card index). Right now we're thinking about solutions and how to manage the diversity of information across different lepidopteran groups.

>From what I can see (assuming I am navigating correctly, your site includes a complete generic classification and information on some species in many genera - is that correct? Is all the information held as edited pages or in a database behind the site? (It looks likely that you edit it as pages using the Concrete CMS tools.)

I'm happy to discuss further - use my donald.hobern at sp2000.org email address.

Very best wishes,


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Dear colleagues,

For a good number of years I maintained a website on ghost moths
(Hepialidae - http://johngrehan.net/index.php/hepialidae/ but I can no
longer sustain the cost and the free software involved (Concrete5) no
longer worked properly (even after updating). I will likely have to
discontinue the site and would be interested to know if anyone is aware of
other potential options that are both free or very inexpensive (e.g. the
current site costs US $213) and is also intuitively easy to operate (I am a
computer moron - seriously). I was recently made aware of scratchpads which
seems fine if one has a lot more technical proficiency and has the
institutional resources, but I don't. For example, I need a site that can
provide a front page listing genera, and then links to individual pages
with species and images. Any suggestions most welcome. Please send off list.

John Grehan
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