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** tl;dr  I'm happy to offer remote support **

> While I suspect at least a few readers rolled their eyes at the
> suggestion offered to John Grehan regarding entering taxonomic data into
> Wikispecies and Wikipedia, I'd like to advocate this as a very
> reasonable suggestion

Thank you.

> Both WS and WP are substantial community crowd-sourced resources

True. colleagues might also like to add data-statements to Wikidata,
or to add images (or describe and categorise those added by others) to
Wikimedia Commons.

Tips for the latter are here:


Also, old, out-of-copyright papers (or those with an open licence) can
be transcribed on Wikisource.:


> You can start simple; have you published any peer-reviewed papers in the
> last few years describing new taxa or revising an existing group? If so,
> just go into WS and WP and see if the taxa in your work appear, and if
> they follow the accepted classification.

If you are a published author, then Wikidata should have an item about you; see:


> I will similarly put in a plug for iNaturalist


If you add images to iNaturalist, please choose the options that make
them available under an open licence, so that they can be added to
Wikimedia Commons also.

I have some spare time at the moment, so if anyone needs support in
using any of the Wikimedia tools please let me know and I can advise
or assist you.

I'm also available to do talk on such topics (including for a more
general science audience) to groups of people.

Andy Mabbett

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