[Taxacom] the family Tortricidae or just Tortricidae (s'more)

Tim Dickinson tim.dickinson at utoronto.ca
Tue Oct 13 13:08:49 CDT 2020

I agree with Fred, logic (and context) are everything. "The Torticidae 
is a family of..." but "The Tortricidae studied here are ..."

Personally, I prefer to avoid prefixing a family or genus name with "the 
family" or "the genus" unless that is called for, again, by the context, 
perhaps to avoid confusion. Probably it's a conditioned response to 
having grown up with Strunk and White's 'The Elements of Style,' and 
seek to omit needless words where possible.


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> Re: [Taxacom] the family Tortricidae or just Tortricidae
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> On 13-Oct.-20 11:43 a.m., Richard Jensen via Taxacom wrote:
>>  if referring to the family as a single
>> entity, then treat it as singular; when there is a stated or implied
>> reference to only some members of the family, or using the informal name
>> (e.g., rosids, tortricids), then treat it as a plural. 
> * but the main point in this is that taxa are nested individuals - the 
> higher taxon is a holophyletic individual as is each species of which 
> it's composed (and the species is a monophyletic individual made up of 
> individual organisms). Whether you use a plural or singular depends on 
> whether you're referring to all or some of the subordinate taxa as a 
> collective, or to the higher taxon as a single holophyletic 
> individual. You get the same thing with other collective entities - 
> you can say "the United States is..." or "the United States are..." 
> depending on the context.
> fred. 

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