[Taxacom] Help with book chapter

Juan Francisco Araya jfaraya at u.uchile.cl
Wed Sep 9 16:03:11 CDT 2020

Dear Colleagues:

A botanist friend of mine is looking for a chapter of a book published in
the Carnegie Monograph Series, the book is by Daniel Axelrod 1950, Studies
in Late Tertiary Paleobotany. (Contributions to Paleontology.), and the
needed chapter is the next:

VI. Evolution of Desert Vegetation in Western North America.  pp. 215-306,
3 pls., 4 figs.

If anyone can help with a PDF or scanned images I would be very grateful.
The Monograph Series are available in the BHL but, unfortunately, only up
to 1932.

Best regards,

Juan Francisco.

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