[Taxacom] Small mystery - the name Byrrhininus Pic

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Thu Sep 10 16:46:11 CDT 2020

Actually, there is an error in my original message. Pic's initial
discussion (and single new species) are of the genus Byrrhinus, not
 which is not mentioned until the following page (p.6) as a potential new
subgenus, thus of  Byrrhinus (hence the synonymy as stated by later
authors). Which leaves the question of the second instance in Hallan's
Catalog, namely  Byrrhus ( Byrrhininus) Pic, 1920 [Family: Byrrhidae] -
whether this exists as a separate entity, or is simply the same name as the
first, presented in a different taxonomic position. Having now seen that
the first was indeed established as a subgenus, I am inclined to think that
the second entry may be just a duplicate in a different taxonomic position,
but would be pleased to receive any further thoughts...

Regards - Tony

On Fri, 11 Sep 2020 at 06:05, Tony Rees <tonyrees49 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear all,
> I am wondering if anyone is interested in solving a small mystery for me.
> The beetle genus-group name Byrrhininus Pic, 1922, is presently listed
> twice in my IRMNG compilation, based on records from Joel Hallan's Biology
> Catalog (the latter no longer online unfortunately): once as a subgenus of
> Byrrhus Linnaeus, 1767 [Family: Byrrhidae] (and treated in IRMNG as a
> synonym of that name at generic level), and once a synonym of Byrrhinus
> Motschoulsky, 1858 [Family: Limnichidae].
> The uBio (online) copy of Neave (Nomenclator Zoologicus) has no entry for
> "Byrrhininus" so that is not helpful in tracing the original publication[s]
> of this name. BHL has one article by Pic from 1922 (
> https://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/page/36371588 plus following page) in
> which he erects one new species of  Byrrhininus, refers to several others
> apparently previously erected, and on the following page talks about "this
> last species ... could perhaps be placed in a new subgenus which I name
> Byrrhininus" [my rough understanding from the French original).
> So, it looks like Pic may indeed have used the name twice, once as a
> genus, once as a new subgenus (of what??), but apart from that the trail is
> a bit clouded.  Spangler et al., 2001, in "A checklist of the Limnichidae
> and the Lutrochidae (Coleoptera) of the world", list  Byrrhininus Pic, 1922
> in the synonymy of  Byrrhinus Motschulsky, 1858 (which corresponds to the
> second of Hallan's records as noted above) but the first one / putative
> subgenus of Byrrhus may be different - or may be a duplicate to be deleted,
> I am not sure, although Pic's statement in the BHL record I have found is
> intriguing...
> If anyone can shed further light on this, I would appreciate it -
> ultimately desiring to know whether to maintain one or two entries for the
> same "name, authority" combination in IRMNG, corresponding to one or two
> different initially erected taxa (possibly in different families as well...)
> Regards - Tony
> Tony Rees, New South Wales, Australia
> www.irmng.org

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