[Taxacom] ductus bursa or ductus bursae?

Soowon Cho chosoowon at gmail.com
Mon Jul 19 21:11:17 CDT 2021

Dear members,

I use terms like 'ductus bursae' or 'corpus bursae' to describe the female
genitalia in Lepidoptera taxonomy. However, I am confused as the term
ductus bursae is a plural noun while only one ductus bursa is in the female
I searched the internet and found examples such as 'ductus bursa is',
'ductus bursae are', and 'ductus bursae is', so I was more confused.
Can someone please clarify this for me?


Soowon Cho
chosoowon at gmail.com
Dept Plant Medicine
Chungbuk Nat'l Univ
Cheongju, 361-763

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