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The email I just posted was intended for John Wieczorek, but I mistook the draft I was completing. Since it has gone to Taxacom, let me ask 1) what values are being used in the BasisofRecord field and 2) are the values based on a different set of standards such as those in Audubon Core or Dublin Core?


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I am curious as to the terms being used for this field in collections.  There are a few examples given in the TDWG reference guide. Long ago, I was told that herbarium specimens should be listed as "preserved specimens." In the interests of standardization, I did so, but really wish a more useful list were given.  Example I would like to see are "still image", "video", "audio", "publication", "herbariumspecimen", "liquidpreserved."  Are the examples ever reviewed?

I am going to ask GBIF about values in submitted records, but I am curious about review of examples in the quick reference guide.

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