[Taxacom] Correcting higher taxon terminations in botany ( a question of stems)

Tony Rees tonyrees49 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 25 14:39:08 CDT 2021

Greetings Taxacomers,

In 2020, Marin & Melkonian (in Li et al., Nature Ecology & Evolution 4:
1220-1231, supplement), established a new division (=phylum), class, order
and family of "plants" / "algae", as follows:

Prasinodermophyta B. Marin & Melkonian divisio nova
Prasinodermophyceae B. Marin & Melkonian classis nova
Prasinodermales B. Marin & Melkonian ordo novis
Prasinodermaceae B. Marin & Melkonian familia nova

all names based on the type genus name which is
Prasinoderma Hasegawa & Chihara in Hasegawa et al. (1996)

These names have been entered into AlgaeBase (present version) but with a
modified stem, namely Prasinodermatophyta,  Prasinodermatophyceae,
Prasinodermatales and Prasinodatermaceae, but without further explanation
so far as I can see. So my question is, which form(s) would be correct to
use in my own compendium, with relevant explanation as needed?

Article 16 in the current Code (
https://www.iapt-taxon.org/nomen/pages/main/art_16.html) covers "NAMES OF
TAXA ABOVE THE RANK OF FAMILY" but not this particular issue, again so far
as I can see.

Advice appreciated, as usual...

Regards from Australia,

Tony Rees, New South Wales, Australia

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