[Taxacom] Correcting higher taxon terminations in botany ( a question of stems)

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Hi Tony,
        The longer AlgaeBase names look correct to me.  It's probably similar to why we have Zygnematales (not Zygnemales).  It think it has something to do with "derma" being Greek and changing it to the genitive case.   Thus we have dermatologists, not dermologists.  Not sure what article in the Botanical Code would provide the exact reason.

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Greetings Taxacomers,

In 2020, Marin & Melkonian (in Li et al., Nature Ecology & Evolution 4:
1220-1231, supplement), established a new division (=phylum), class, order
and family of "plants" / "algae", as follows:

Prasinodermophyta B. Marin & Melkonian divisio nova
Prasinodermophyceae B. Marin & Melkonian classis nova
Prasinodermales B. Marin & Melkonian ordo novis
Prasinodermaceae B. Marin & Melkonian familia nova

all names based on the type genus name which is
Prasinoderma Hasegawa & Chihara in Hasegawa et al. (1996)

These names have been entered into AlgaeBase (present version) but with a
modified stem, namely Prasinodermatophyta,  Prasinodermatophyceae,
Prasinodermatales and Prasinodatermaceae, but without further explanation
so far as I can see. So my question is, which form(s) would be correct to
use in my own compendium, with relevant explanation as needed?

Article 16 in the current Code (
https://www.iapt-taxon.org/nomen/pages/main/art_16.html) covers "NAMES OF
TAXA ABOVE THE RANK OF FAMILY" but not this particular issue, again so far
as I can see.

Advice appreciated, as usual...

Regards from Australia,

Tony Rees, New South Wales, Australia
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