[Taxacom] Correct authorship for the genus Aotus (Mammalia)?

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Hi Tony,

This page in Sherborne looks like it gives you the pointers you need: https://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/page/36197867
sec.2:pt.3=pp.385-640 [Anus - Bail] - Index animalium - Biodiversity Heritage Library <https://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/page/36197867>
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Without chasing them down, my interpretation is that Humboldt used both spellings, one of them in Illiger. Presumably one was a correction of the other.


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Dear Taxacomers,

I am interested in obtaining the correct authorship for the genus Aotus
(Mammalia), known as night monkeys.

McKenna & Bell, 1997, gives the authorship as "Humboldt, 1811, p. 358"

Nomenclator Zoologicus has "Aotes Humboldt 1811 Rec. Obs. Zool., 1, 306 (as
Aotus p. 358)."

MSW3 (Wilson & Reeder) has:
Aotus   Author: Illiger, 1811. Citation: Prodr. Syst. Mamm. Avium.: 71.

(most other sources also say Illiger, 1811, including e.g. ITIS, which
follows MSW3 in the main I believe)

The Illiger source is online at BHL here:

where it says: "Genus 11. AOTUS Humboldt."

AnimalBase ( a good source for early zoological literature) does not seem
to have an entry for either Aotus or Aotes.

So who is the author for this genus, and should the Illiger ascription be
considered a later usage? (I have not located the Humboldt original, but it
is probably on line somewhere).

All advice appreciated - or pointer to where this may have already been
discussed elsewhere.

Regards - Tony
Tony Rees, New South Wales, Australia
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