[Taxacom] [EXT] Re: A nomen nudum in Bombus

Mary Barkworth Mary.Barkworth at usu.edu
Thu Jun 3 04:48:43 CDT 2021

Has anyone contacted any of the authors yet, as suggested by Roland? I sincerely hope so. It would be a courteous/collegial thing to do. I would do but have deleted the email with the link to the prepublication. 

From Roland: My suggestion was and remains:
If the existence of this nomen nudum is a (potential) problem for researchers in the field, there may still be time to alert the authors/editors and have them amend the manuscript to make the name available, since it is still only a preprint.
To which can be added:
If the preprint cannot be further modified for some reason, and the existence of this nomen nudum is a (potential) problem in the field, then the authors should be encouraged to make the name available as soon as possible, before attaching further scientific data to a name that may be replaced in the future.


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