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These words by Nixon et al. (2003) sound as if they were written today:
"The most important conclusion is that we need community involvement in
this. A small group of people who have very significant resources, and thus
influence, are overthrowing your government — the ICBN and the ICZN. If the
community does not become actively involved in fighting the PhyloCode, they
will succeed, and in so doing, demolish much of the hard work that our
predecessors have built into the current codes. We do not need a parallel
The difference is that now not just the codes but the whole of Taxonomy is
at stake.

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Hi All,
       This talk of numerous parallel naming systems reminds me of the
confusion that has resulted from PhyloCode.  Those problems were noted long
ago in the 2003 article "The PhyloCode Is Fatally Flawed, and the
“Linnaean” System Can Easily Be Fixed".
(PDF) The PhyloCode Is Fatally Flawed, and the “Linnaean” System Can Easily
Be Fixed - ResearchGate<
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