[Taxacom] Fwd: Request for paper: Campbell, 1989

m7876 m7876 at mail.ru
Wed Jun 16 09:46:12 CDT 2021

Dear Cecilia,

It is availabe at archive.org as «book to borrow»: https://archive.org/details/floristicinvento0000unse

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Alexey Shipunov


Dear All

Could someone help me with this?

Campbell, D.G. (1989) The importance of floristic inventory in the tropics.
In Campbell, D.G. & Hammond, D. (eds.) Floristic Inventory of Tropical
Countries: the status of plant systematics, collections, and vegetation,
plus recommendations for the future. New York: New York Botanical Garden,
p. 5-30.

Thank you very much,

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