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Paul van Rijckevorsel dipteryx at freeler.nl
Tue May 11 01:53:30 CDT 2021

Op 10/05/2021 om 20:55 schreef Richard Pyle:
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> At the former end of the spectrum (two different Editions of the "same" book), if an author proposes/establishes a new taxon name within the first Edition (Aus bus sp. nov.), and then includes the same (or even modified) description and same name in the Second edition (including an explicit indication of "sp. nov."), I suppose most taxonomists would treat the name included in the second Edition as a homonym (i.e., distinct proposal for a new name identical to an existing name from a previous work).

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This is not a problem in the /ICNafp/: if two 'names',
in different publications, have the same spelling and
the same type this is later usage. Or more precisely,
the name is validly published only once; any later
'republication' is a so-called "isonym" (without
nomenclatural status, i.e. it is not a name).

When the 'republication' uses a different spelling,
it may get more involved, but usually the validly
published name, in its original spelling is the one
real name; the others are "orthographical variants"
(which are not names, but merely ephemeral

In the /ICNafp/, homonyms can exist only if they
have different types.


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