[Taxacom] More on camera/microscope

John Grehan calabar.john at gmail.com
Sun May 23 09:05:53 CDT 2021

Since my last posting on this I had some helpful feedback which led me to
an option without a traditional microscope at all. Instead it's a
microscope/camera all in one. See:


Other than needing an electronic device to see the view (no problem with
that) it would seem to have the necessary capability  with 10x - 50 x (more
than my current microscope) and a 200 x.

Looking again on the web I found the following regarding camera megapixels:
"A general rule is that a print requires 300 pixels per inch (one megapixel
equals 1 million pixels). So an 8 x 10 print would need 2,400 pixels x
3,000 pixels for a total area of 7.2 million pixels, or 7.2 megapixel

At present his particular camera is going for $189 which is within my
budget and I could return it if it does not work out.

In my case I am usually generating images that are not full page so I am
guessing that 5-8 MP cameras would easily provide for my needs, although
whether a 1.3 MP camera would be sufficient for smaller (relative to page
size) to meet my needs is still up in the air.

The idea of dispensing with a microscope altogether is also a bit of a leap
for me, but if a camera/microscope does the job then it would work for me.

John Grehan

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