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Luis Ruedas ruedas at pdx.edu
Sun May 23 11:32:17 CDT 2021

I've used a camera adapter that fits my SLR onto just about any microscope
lens, monocular or binocular, resulting in nice micrographs.  It's a
great solution and I don't have to lug my nice microscope to museums
worldwide (although I sometimes wish I had).  Currently using it mated to a
Canon 6D, with a maximum resolution of 20.2 MP.  It's somewhat more
professional than "camera over the eyepiece"


I transitioned to that system when my microscope dealer offered me a
digital camera attachment to my microscope essentially for $1000/MP, maxing
out at 3MP at a time when even compact consumer cameras were at >16 MP.
What were they thinking!?

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Thanks Buz, and other off list warning about the limitations of the
> microscope-camera. [...]


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