[Taxacom] [EXT] More on camera/microscope

Buz Wilson buzwilson at gmail.com
Sun May 23 11:32:57 CDT 2021

Tried it already - doesn't work well at all. Depending on the camera 
model, Martin Microscope 
might make an adapter for your camera that you can put right into the 
eyepiece socket instead of the ocular. This has worked reasonably well 
although can be a little awkward at times, especially to check the 
specimen before clicking the shutter. Trinocular or side mount adapters 
are the best approach since you can view the specimen and take the 
photo. The side mount (that are erroneously called "trinocular" on Ebay) 
adapters on Ebay are cheaper than an actual trinocular head with camera 
adapter. You will, however, need an adapter for your camera.

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On 5/23/21 12:15 PM, John Grehan wrote:
> I may end up getting a trinocular microscope, but without the camera. 
> First see if my hand held camera (16 MP) over the eyepiece will work 
> ok first.

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