[Taxacom] A nomen nudum in Bombus

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It would appear so - the name lacks type designation, there is no mention of the naming authority (surely not all 13 authors), there is no mention of type depository and no description of the species. Just a name proposed for a subset of specimens.

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Miles Zhang pointed out in a Twitter post that the name Bombus incognitus used in the following paper is apparently a nomen nudum. The authors state: "We assign this species the provisional name Bombus incognitus."

Cryptic Species of Alpine Bumblebees Revealed by Comparative Population Genomics
Matthew J Christmas, Julia C Jones, Anna Olsson, Ola Wallerman, Ignas Bunikis, Marcin Kierczak, Valentina Peona, Kaitlyn M Whitley, Tuuli Larva, Alexander Suh, Nicole E Miller-Struttmann, Jennifer C Geib, Matthew T Webster
Molecular Biology and Evolution


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